Gilmanton selectman will serve on Year-Round Library Committee

GILMANTON — Recently elected Selectman Steve McCormack will be serving on the Gilmanton Year-Round Library Committee as a representative from the town.

Committee Chair Anne Kirby said yesterday that having the town willing to officially have a representative to the library it a big step toward their ultimate goal of have the library owned and operated by the town.

"Now we're working on a strategic plan for our long-term goals," Kirby said.

Funding the Year-Round Public Library is one of the most divisive topics in Gilmanton in recent years. Those who have grown used to having the library and support its programming have long advocated for the taxpayer support while and equal number of residents remember agreeing to the library so long as it was never funded by the taxpayers.

In the past four years, the electorate has twice voted to fund some of its operations costs and twice voted not to. Each time the outcome has been vary close. This past March, about 1,100 voters went to the polls and those who supported town funding prevailed by 17 votes.

Kirby said for the short term, the library will continue its fund-raising efforts that include soliciting private donations and hosting events like the upcoming Spring Fling.

She said other fundraisers will include a evening at the Gilmanton Winery and a walk-a-thon.

"The goal is to raise the bulk of the money before Christmas so we don't have to worry about raising money during the budget season," Kirby said.