Homeless man charged with assault with a knife

LACONIA — A man who lives in a tent behind the Lowe's Home Improvement store in Gilford is being held on $5,000 cash-only bail after he allegedly cut someone's hand with a knife during an altercation on Elm Street Sunday night.

Affidavits said Trevor Bond, 30, argued with a friend over a pizza while the two were in the victim's home at 210 Endicott Street North in Laconia.

The victim said Bond has threatened him with a knife because the victim told him Bond couldn't cook his pizza and had asked him to leave. He also said Bond ripped off his oven door.

The victim's injuries were minor and he said he got them fending off the Bond and the kitchen knife.

Both the victim and a second person who was in an adjoining bedroom said Bond allegedly threatened several times to kill the victim.

Bond is facing one count of second-degree assault, one count of criminal threatening with a deadly weapon, and one count of criminal mischief.

In court on Monday, Prosecutor Jim Sawyer said Bond suffers from some mental health issues and although he is not a fight risk, argued that he presents a danger to himself and to others.

He said he would agree to converting Bond's cash bail to personal recognizance bail if Bond is admitted to the N.H. State Hospital in Concord.

Sawyer noted that Bond is already on bail for a similar instance with a knife when he allegedly threatened someone who was trying to hold him.

Bond's public defender said that although her client lives in a tent behind Lowes, he has a fixed address on Hoyt Road and will not leave the area. She argued that Bond should be released on personal recognizance bail because he has been seeing a councilor at Genesis Behavioral Health and she would not want his therapy to be interrupted.

Judge Jim Carroll agreed that Bond is a danger to himself and others but said he would convert the bail to personal recognizance if he was admitted to the N.H. State Hospital.

Bond tried to speak a number of times during the video hearing but Carroll advised him to speak to his lawyer. Apparently either during or after the telephone conversation Bond had with his lawyer, he became upset and destroyed the cellular phone offered by the jail to communicate with her.