Heroin OD suggested as cause of death of Belmont 23 year old

BELMONT — Search warrant affidavits obtained from the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division indicate the police are investigating the sudden death of a 23-year-old man on April 4 as a possible heroin overdose.

The paperwork indicates that when first responders arrived just after 4 a.m., one of five people who were in the mobile home at 7 Northbrook Road was performing CPR on Camren Ess, who he found laying on the bathroom floor, unconscious and not breathing.

The person performing CPR said he found Ess slumped over and sitting cross-legged on the floor.

The first responding police officer noticed a spoon containing brown solid matter which appeared to be heroin on the bathroom sink. He also saw an orange cap that he recognized as coming from a hypodermic needle.

Police affidavits said the official resident of the house is a man who is diabetic and keeps syringes in the house for emergency glucose injections. He was not in the home that night because he is in the hospital.

Apparently Ess didn't live at 7 Northbrook Road but was known to occasionally sleep there.

The diabetic man's mother — who doesn't live there — told police that her son's syringes had gradually been disappearing and she thought someone was pilfering them. She said he had a new box and there should be more than there were.

On the day in question, said affidavits, a total of six people, or three couples, were in the home. One couple told police they were sleeping in the bedroom and had no idea what was happening in the rest of the house.

A second couple that included Ess, was already in the home when a third couple arrived at 2 a.m. Apparently, a third man came to the home along with the third couple and left almost immediately.

Three of the surviving people told police they were all in the living room watching a movie on Netflix and all fell asleep.

The late arriving couple told police that at some point they woke up and went to the bathroom to "hook up". When they reached the bathroom, they told police they found Ess laying on the bathroom floor.

The male began administering CPR and someone else called 9-1-1.

After 18 minutes, first responders were able to get a faint pulse however Ess died about 16 hours later. When one of the females in the house told first responders Ess had been doing heroin, firefighters administered NARCAN or Naloxone, which if administered in time can negate the effects of an opiate overdose.

Affidavits indicated that had Ess survived, he likely would have suffered severe brain damage.

The application for the search warrant said police were searching the house, the property, and any and all outbuildings for evidence of possession of a controlled drugs or narcotics. Police also asked for and received permission to seize the television, any television components associated with a Netflix account and cell phones.

Judge Jim Carroll granted the search warrant on April 4. Police maintained a secure perimeter while Belmont detectives secured it.

There is a candlelight vigil being held for Ess on Friday at Belmont's Sargent Park at 5 p.m.
Facebook postings include a number of people who responded to a posting that said "I hate heroin" by checking that they agree.

One person wrote that all are welcome at the vigil however they are to leave their drugs and alcohol at home and show up only if they want to remember what a good person Ess was.

Police said it could take as much as six to eight weeks for the state lab to officially determine how Ess died.