Former road agent's lawsuit withdrawn

BARNSTEAD — Former Road Agent Chris Carazzo has withdrawn his suit in Belknap County Superior Court against the town for unlawful termination and the town had agreed not to seek to recoup its legal fees for defending the suit.

Carazzo was fired in September 0f 2013 by selectmen for refusing to co-operate with town officials and provide records of his transaction with two metals recycling companies.

Selectmen had launched an investigation after a complaint was made that he sold the recyclables and kept the money for himself.

Selectmen said he was specifically terminated for refusing to cooperate with them not for misappropriation of town resources.

Carazzo had filed suit against the town however after a lengthy court battle that he agreed in writing on Monday that he would not file any additional complaints against the town regarding his dismissal.

Judge James O'Neill ruled Monday to dismiss the case with prejudice and said no further action is required.