Laconia School district eyes $200,000 in various maintenace projects for 2014-2015 budget

LACONIA — Earlier this week the School District Budget and Personnel Committee reviewed some of the smaller capital and maintenance items that school officials indicated they wanted in their budgets for 2014-2015.

Some of the biggest items are at the High School and include landscaping and irrigation for the front lawn for $20,000, paving the south side parking lot for $30,000 and replacing the bleacher rails in the gymnasium.

Business Administrator Ed Emond said other things that should be done at the High School include repairing the fencing for an estimated $10,000, replacing one or two of the fire doors for $15,000, repairing some of the classroom ceilings for $15,000 and repairing some of the windows in the older section of the school.

The Laconia Middle School has asked for an increase in the number of video cameras and strategically locating or relocating some of those that are already there. Emond explained that in the three years since the school has been open, they have identified some "blind spots" including the front sign that was recently vandalized.

The administration recommends a water-bottle filling station for $1,500 and an auto-scrubber for the floors for $8,000.

A request from the SAU to refurbish the rest of the wood floors at the Harvard Street office building was nixed by the committee. Members said future efforts should be concentrated on replacing the boiler that failed three times this winter but all agreed an $80,000 boiler was not possible in the 2014-2015 budget.

The district's elementary schools appear to be in good shape with the exception of the oldest portion of the Pleasant Street School roof.

Emond recommended "roof crickets" or drainage channels to prevent water from ponding on certain parts of the roof. He said there is no leaking right now but that won't last forever.

The proposed expenditure is $5,000 for the roof crickets and $8,500 for sump pump roof drains.

Elm Street elementary School is requesting some outdoor cameras for $800, a carpet replacement for $1,500 and some playground improvements and repairs for $1,400. Emond said the school administration had initially asked for a landscaping shed for equipment but told the committee he recently learned the Huot Center students will be building the shed saving about $2,000 from the original estimate of $5,000.

At Woodland Heights Elementary School the administration team requested changing the exterior wall building lights to LED-type lights for $4,800. Emond said some savings would be gained through electricity costs.

Emond also said there are some areas of Woodland Heights schools that could use some painting including the cement staircase that the students use as an emergency exit.

The total requests from the building supervisors team is about $200,000. Committee members said the projects will be funded as the district gets a better understanding of its final budget.