BHS Student Council questioning use of Native American images

BELMONT — Members of the Belmont High School Student Council are hosting a public forum in April to discuss the school's mascot and whether or not it is culturally insensitive to Native Americans.

Principal Dan Clary said yesterday that the topic of discussion will be if having an American Indian chief wearing a headdress was an appropriate visual representation of the Red Raiders mascot.

Clary said the issue came up during a discussion among the members of the Student Council and the idea was to host a forum in which residents, alumni, current students, and others can voice their opinions. The forum is scheduled for April 16 in the High School cafeteria at 7 p.m.

Clary said yesterday that the initiative originated entirely from the students and not from any outside influences.

He said the Student Council is comprised of students representing all four grades at Belmont High School.

Clary said he has worked at Belmont High School for 10 years and said he doesn't recall any similar discussions during his time but said he believes they have occurred prior to his tenure.