Northfield woman agrees she owes federal government $204,037 in taxes

CONCORD— Judith Kravitz, 65, of Northfield, a well known figure in transformational breathing circles, has pleaded guilty to four counts of income tax evasion in United States District Court.

Kravitz, who failed to file income tax returns between 2007 and 2010, entered a plea agreement, agreeing that she owes $204,037 in back taxes. The plea agreement stipulates that she will propose a schedule for paying the delinquent taxes, along with penalties and interest, prior to sentencing.

Tax evasion, a felony, carries a fine of not more than $100,000 ($500,000 for a corporation) or imprisonment for not more than five years or both. However, the United States Attorney, Tax Division of the United States Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service have all recommended that Kravitz be placed on probation.

According to the IRS, Kravitz formed several corporations — The Breath Foundation, Synergistic Breath Foundation and Transformational Breath Foundation — in New Hampshire and Maine as well as the Transformational Breath Family Trust. After opening bank accounts for each, Kravitz shuffled the receipts of her income into these accounts to conceal her earning. In 2010 Kravitz rented a U-Haul storage unit in the name of her deceased mother, where financial records were kept.