Strange events have staff spooked at Ellacoya Country Store in Gilford

GILFORD — Ghost hunters from Maine will be coming to Ellacoya Country Store to check out a Saint Patrick's Day incident in which the heavy glass top of a cake stand was smashed on the floor behind the store's front counter after inexplicably flying off a pedestal with a three-quarter inch rim.
The incident was caught on a video surveillance video camera and has created a sensation on the Ellacoya Barn and Grille's Facebook page, where it has been viewed by hundreds of people and attracted over 250 comments and led to television stories on WMUR-TV and widespread newspaper accounts.
''Strange things happen here. If you work here long enough they happen to you.'' says Lisa Giles, a clerk at the Ellacoya Country Store, who said that her fellow clerk, Heidi Boyd, was working around 3:30 on Monday afternoon last week when the incident happened.
''Heidi was freaking out after it happened. She had walked out of the room to the deli and heard something crash. When she came back the top was on the floor and she couldn't understand how it got there without taking everything else off the pedestal,'' said Giles.
She said that store owner Steve Buzzota was upset as the cake stand had been a wedding present and decided to check out the surveillance camera to see what had happened and was astonished at what he saw and decided to post it on Facebook to share with the store's customers. He posted it under the heading "Haunted much?"
Since that time there have been a steady string of comments on the Facebook page, with many suggesting that the act was staged to create publicity or that a truck going by the store had hit a pot hole and caused enough vibration to shake the top loose..
Store owner Steve Buzzota told WMUR, "This is definitely not a staged act. This really happened and it's kind of freaky." Boyd told the station she thinks it was a ghost. "This place is very old. You can't make it up. I absolutely believe."
Tammy Johnson, another clerk at the store. says that she has seen and heard many unusual things during her time there.
''I hear people walking on the floor and check it out and there's no one there. Or I see shadows out of the corner of my eye and I check and there's no one there,'' says Johnson.
She says many of those who work at the store have felt someone tap them on the shoulder when there's no one around. At other times people who arrive early in the morning report hearing a man whistling. And there was an incident in which a worker arrived in the morning and found the meat slicer running. Johnson says that the Ghost Hunters will get a warm welcome when they arrive and that she is hoping they can shed some light on the mystery.