Man charged with stealing drug from Gilford veterinary practice

GILFORD — A former employee of MacDonald Veterinary Services has been charged with one count of possession of controlled drugs and one count of theft for allegedly stealing animal anesthetics for his personal use.

Police affidavits filed in court said Bruce Sanborn, 42, former of 41 Gilford East Drive #A was living in a "temporary rent-free apartment" adjacent to MacDonald's Veterinary Clinic. He had been given the apartment by Dr. Robert MacDonald and was doing janitorial work for the clinic and had a key to the business.

Sanborn had been living there since the end of January, said police, because his girlfriend in Meredith had apparently thrown him out of the house.

At some point, MacDonald realized that some Telazol — which is a brand name for a drug used by veterinarians — was missing. Police said Telazol is a combination of an anesthetic and a muscle relaxer administered to animals during surgery. It is a schedule III drug.

Once MacDonald realized some of it was missing he tested the rest of the drug and found out that what he had in the vile had also been diluted.

Police said he set up a video surveillance system and recorded Sanborn taking a vial out of the refrigerator on March 3 after the business was closed and before they opened the next morning. After Sanborn returned the vial, MacDonald measured the contents and said there was one cubic centimeter less liquid that before Sanborn allegedly took it.

Detectives said MacDonald was able to recognize Sanborn by his face and by some specific tattoos.

On March 4, police got a warrant and searched the apartment, finding a syringe that MacDonald's wife identified as the same type as some that were kept in the basement — an area Sanborn had once cleaned.

Sanborn was arrested by Meredith Police on Tuesday and turned over to Gilford Police. He refused bail.

He appeared in the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division yesterday and was released on $25,000 personal recognizance bail. He was ordered to stay away from the MacDonalds and to live on Livingstone Road in Meredith.