2 men charged with growing pot in Barnstead

BARNSTEAD — Two people have been charged with the alleged marijuana growing operation discovered by the Belknap County Sheriff's Office who originally went to follow up on an eviction notice at the home.

David McNeil, 29, and Ashley Witham, 27, were arrested by the Northwood Police Department February 27 on an outstanding warrant issued by Belknap County.

Each has been charged with one count of manufacturing a controlled drug and possession of a controlled drug.

Both were released on $10,000 personal recognizance bail and are scheduled to appear in the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division on April 3.

Sheriffs found seven marijuana pots plants in the 10 Barnstead Road apartment, along with equipment for growing marijuana and some drug paraphernalia. Working with the Barnstead Police, the sheriffs executed a search warrant and later and arrest warrant for McNeil and Witham.

Acting Barnstead Police Chief Joseph McDowell said his department has a proactive approach toward unlawful drug use within the community.

"If you're going to be involved in drug activity, you're going to get caught," said McDowell.