Gilford cruiser out for repair after snowstorm crash on Cherry Valley Road

GILFORD — Police estimate there was about $12,000 of damage done to a police cruiser during an two-car accident earlier this month during a snow storm.

Laconia Police investigated the crash and said a person trying to exit Mountain Drive on to Cherry Valley Road couldn't see the cruiser that was headed west on a routine patrol.

The driver entered Cherry Valley Road, and police said the officer tried to swerve to avoid the crash but was unable to do so.

The cruiser hit the driver's side door of the other car.

Laconia Police concluded high snow banks and falling snow contributed to the crash. They said no one was injured and no one was cited.

Gilford Police said the cruiser is at a local body shop and is expected to be out of service for two to three weeks with primarily front-end damage.

CUTLINE (Gilford Police Cruiser) The front of a Gilford Police cruiser was damaged after a two-car crash on February 21. Laconia Police said high snow banks and snow covered roads were key factors in the crash. No one was injured and no one was cited. (Courtesy photo)