Kimball Castle committee to meet today

GILFORD — The Kimball Forest Wildlife Committee will meet today at the town offices at 4 p.m. to discuss two of the options regarding the future of Kimball Castle and its 20-acre plot.

The two suggestions are to allow the private owner to raze the castle and sell the 20-acre lot for a single family home.

The second is to seek preservation grants and private money to buy the property from the owner for price a to be determined by an independent appraisal and build a fence around the castle itself, allowing it to decay naturally.

In addition, Town Administrator Scott Dunn said the Conservation Commission is meeting on March 4 to discuss the possible use of conservation money that would buy the castle land and merge it into the remaining 280 acres that are now managed by the Kimball Forest Wildlife Committee.

Owner David Jodoin, doing business as Kimball Properties, LLC, has asked selectmen to back a petition to the Belknap County Superior Court seeking permission to tear down the landmark castle.

Selectmen don't own the castle or the property but act as trustees of the Kimball Castle Trust. In 2013, the town's code enforcement officer determined the castle was crumbling and that it poses a safety hazard.