Alton man accused of threatening to kill his family

ALTON — A former Suncook Valley Road man was ordered to stay out of Alton yesterday morning after violating a bail condition that ordered him not to return to his former place of residence.

Gregory Packard, 47, is charged with one new count of breach of bail for being at his old house Wednesday. Police found him when they went to serve a subpoena at the home.

According to affidavits obtained from the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division, Packard was charged with two felony level counts criminal threatening and one felony level count of falsifying physical evidence after he allegedly waved a gun around his home and threatened to kill everyone in it on January 20.

Packard's step-daughter called the police, who responded. Affidavits said he walked out to the cruiser and denied having a gun.

During interviews with people in the house, one woman said she knew the gun didn't have a clip or magazine in it and that Packard had been drinking so she wasn't too worried. She refused to provide a written statement.

After being read his rights, police questioned him again about the gun and Packard said that a friend had given it to him but he didn't want it in the house so he threw it outside.

Two officers located the magazine in the home and a third officer found the gun in a row of snow-covered bushes. Police said it was laying with the stock sticking out of the snow as if it had been quickly tossed there.

Police confirmed the gun was unloaded and confiscated it. A court issued an order saying he was not allowed to return to the property or go near the occupants of the home.

By being there Wednesday night, Packard allegedly violated the terms of that order.

Judge Jim Carroll ordered Packard to live in Pinardville, a "census designated area" area along the Piscataquog River in Goffstown. Packard is also ordered to seek alcohol counseling.