Gilmanton School Board & teachers come to terms

GILMANTON — The School Board and the Gilmanton Education Association have tentatively agreed to a three-year collective bargaining agreement that includes a raise in salary and allows credit for experience ("step" increases) as well as an increase in the employee contribution to health insurance premiums.

The contract provides for a salary increase of approximately six percent over the three years, which includes in addition to salary longevity health insurance and fixed costs. The increases are 1.07-percent, or a total of $26,777, in the first year, 2.2-percent, or $55,562, in the second year, and 2.82-percent, or $72,825, in the third year.

With concern over the litigation surrounding the Local Government Center, the district has chosen to place its health insurance program with the only other available carrier, School Care. Consequently, the number of plans on offer was halved from four to two and the $1 mail order prescription rider was eliminated

Currently the premium contribution for employees enrolled in the two-person and family plans are 21 percent and 31 percent respectively while the school district pays the entire premium for those with single-person plans. Under the proposed contract employees would share premium costs for all plans, including the single-person plan.

These changes would reduce the district's share of health insurance costs by more than $23,800 in the first year and is expected to lead to further savings in subsequent years.

The agreement will appear as a warrant article when the town votes on Tuesday, March 11 at the Gilmanton Academy.