Quick series of dry-road wrecks keep Gilford police busy

GILFORD — Three accident within about a 45-minute time span kept police are fire personnel busy yesterday afternoon.

The first came from an area of Cherry Valley Road just east of Cat Path. Sgt. Corey O'Connor said a white car heading toward Gilford Village appeared to leave the road way, flip over, and land in the woods down a steep slope.

O'Connor said the female driver and her male passenger were able to get out of the car on their own and walk up the embankment to get to the road. He said both declined medical treatment.

Police said they closed down one-half of Cherry Valley Road while wrecking crews worked to bring the car up the snowy embankment and on to a flat bed.
He said the entire road was closed for about five minutes while crews were loading the car for towing.

A few minute later, O'Connor responded to a second car accident on Cherry Valley Road that was further east, near the Gunstock Mountain Resort.

He said a single driver lost control of his Jeep and went off the road, getting hung up in a snow banking.

O'Connor said the roads were clean and dry in both accidents and said the cause was likely driver inattention. Both remain under investigation.

A third accident occurred on the Laconia by-pass. It was investigated by Lt. James Leach and he said it appeared both cars were going in the same direction and somehow collided.

He said there were no injuries and one of the two cars had to be towed. Leach also noted the by-pass was clear and dry and said driver inattention was likely a contributing factor.

In Laconia, two cars collided at the intersection of Baldwin and Joliet Street around 3:30 p.m. Police said there were no injuries.

CUTLINE – (FEB 15 car of Cherry Valley Road) A white car of undetermined make and model lies up-side-down in the woods off of Cherry Valley Road yesterday afternoon. Both occupants were able to free themselves from the car and declined treatment. Gilford Police said the crash is still under investigation but said drugs or alcohol were not factors.