Former director of Inter-Lakes food services is subject of police investigation; wife indicted for theft

MEREDITH — The Director of Food Services for Inter-Lakes Regional School district is no longer employed there, The Daily Sun confirmed on Wednesday.

Multiple sources told the newspaper that Joseph Cyr, who is an employee of Cafe Services, Inc., a private company that handles Inter-Lakes food and cafeteria services, is the target of a criminal investigation being conducted by Moultonborough Police.

"There is somebody else in that position right now," said Superintendent Mary Ellen Ormand.

While the scope of the investigation involving Joseph Cyr is not public information, what can be confirmed is that Cyr's wife, Shirley, was indicted last week by a Belknap County grand jury for one felony count of theft by unauthorized taking.

Sources said the investigation into Joseph Cyr stemmed from what the police found in the Cyr's Moultonborough home while they were executing a warrant to search for something his wife Shirley had allegedly stolen.

Shirley Cyr's indictment indicates she took possession of and sold jewelry between December 6 and December 7 that was taken from a couple while she was providing care in their home.

Search warrant affidavits obtained from the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division indicate that on August 3, 2013 a man reported to the Meredith Police that a substantial amount of money was missing from his residence. He said he didn't want Shirley Cyr, his caretaker as well, investigated because he thought it was someone else who took it. The complaint was investigated but no arrests were made.

In December,  Meredith Police began investigation of the complaint that led to the indictment. A couple contacted police regarding some jewelry that was stolen between December 6 and December 7, when Shirley Cyr was in their home and working for the same home care company.

While interviewing her, police affidavits indicate she confessed to officers that while employed as a care taker by Live Free Home Care, she took the jewelry and sold it at various gold dealers in the area.

When questioned about the August theft, the same affidavits said Cyr denied involvement. She agreed to take a polygraph test that was conducted by a Laconia Police detective who concluded Cyr had failed the test.

The Meredith officer and the Laconia detective re-interviewed Shirley Cyr, and according to the affidavit, she admitted she took $12,000 from the first victim's home.

She allegedly told them she took $3,000 and placed it in a safe belonging to her father who lives with her at 14 Hanson Mill Road in Moultonborough. She told police she spent the rest but couldn't recall specifically where it went.

Looking for the $3,000, Meredith Police applied for and received a search warrant for her home that included all rooms, open or closed, all closets, opened or closed, and any furniture, containers including outbuildings and sheds where a safe or money could be hidden.

Meredith Police and Moultonborough Police executed the search warrant and made a discovery that led Moultonborough Police to apply for a separate warrant for the home — this time targeting the other members of the household including Joseph Cyr.

Moultonborough Police confirmed last week that there was an ongoing investigation but declined to offer any details.