Laconia man 'bundles' several drug charges into one guilty pleas

LACONIA — A 23-year-old Laconia man was sentenced Monday to at least 1 1/2 years in the New Hampshire State Prison for multiple counts of drug possession and assaulting a police officer.

Joseph Morrissette pleaded guilty in the Belknap County Superior Court to one charge for possession of marijuana on April 18, 2013; one count of possession of cocaine on September 24, 2013; and count of resisting arrest and simple assault on September 24, 2013. A separate charge of possession of heroin in March of 2013 was not prosecuted.

He also pleaded guilty to one count of sales of heroin on July 24, 2013.

After his release from prison, Morrissette will be on parole for an additional year and probation after that.

In addition and as part of a "global resolution" or a situation where multiple charges for different offenses are lumped together for a single disposition, Morrissette received a 3 1/2  to seven-year suspended sentence for the charge of possession of cocaine as well as a two- to five-year suspended for the assault on the police officer.

The two suspended sentences are to be served consecutively, which means that should Morrissette re-offend after his release he could face an additional 5 1/2-to-12 years in prison.

He was credited with 117 days of pretrial confinement.

Morrissette was in court Monday for jury selection for a single count of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute it. The other three cases were working their way through superior court.