City Council strikes cul-de-sac compromise

LACONIA — In a compromise that spared three businesses and a church the hassle of changing their street addresses, the City Council last night unanimously agreed to designate the cul-de-sac at the end of Primrose Drive South in the O'Shea Industrial Park as Aavid Circle.
In November, Aavid Thermalloy, LLC asked the council to change the name of the entire street to Aavid Drive in recognition of the firm's decision to return its headquarters from Concord to Laconia, where it began almost 50 years ago, bringing 50 jobs to the city and investing $500,000 in its facility. Acknowledging that changing the name of the street would impose costs on neighboring firms, Norman Soucy, vice president and general manager of Aavid, assured them that Aavid would reimburse all out-of-pocket costs and offered any administrative assistance they might need.
Nevertheless, Amatex Corporation, Baron Machine Company and Fastenal Company balked, explaining that they have operated on Primrose Drive South for many years and having to change their addresses would be a distraction.
A divided City Council encouraged the companies to resolve their differences and return with a consensus proposal. All three firms, along with John Sanborn, pastor of the Faith Alive Christian Fellowship at 72 Primrose Drive South, endorsed the compromise in letters to the council.

Soucy thanked the council and his neighbors for their parts in affecting the change and said that since returning to Laconia the company has hired six engineers as well as additional sales staff. In addition, Aavid recently announced it has entered a partnership with General Electric to commercialize GE’s patented Dual Piezoelectric Cooling Jet technology.
Aavid Circle, along with a directional arrow, will be added to the street sign at the corner of Lexington Drive and Primrose Drive South.