City manager gets an 'A' & a nice raise

LACONIA — The City Council this week unanimously agreed to raise the salary and sweeten the retirement contribution of City Manager Scott Myers, bringing his compensation and benefits to a level comparable to that of his peers.

Mayor Ed Engler said that when Myers was hired two-and-a-half years ago he had no experience as a city manager, although he had served four terms as mayor of Dover. The council was very impressed with him and his depth of knowledge, said Engler, but he still represented something of a risk and consequently started at a salary of $90,000, $25,000 less than his predecessor Eileen Cabanel was earning when she resigned.

Myers received two raises of $5,000 following his initial evaluations, one after six months and another after 18 months. With his third review in December the council found not only that he had proven himself but performed exceptionally well, yet he was being paid much less than his counterparts in similar municipalities.

The council voted to award Myers another $5,000 increase effective February 3, 2014 then to raise his salary from $110,000 to $112,500 as of July 7, 2014 and from $112,500 to $120,000 as of January 5, 2015.

In addition, the council raised the city's contribution to the city manager's deferred compensation retirement plan from 7.5 percent of salary to 11percent, placing him on a par with other municipal employees with the exception of police officers and firefighters, for whom the employer contribution is greater.

"Myers has shown himself more than capable," Engler said, "and deserving of compensation matching the market rate for his position. This package of raises represents a significant step in that direction."

For his part Myers expressed his appreciation to the councilors for their vote of confidence and said he looked forward to serving the city for years to come.