Gun allegedly goes off during Laconia pistol whipping

LACONIA — A local teen is being held in jail on $25,000 cash-only bail after discharging a gun he was allegedly using to beat a man he said had hit his sister.

Parker Cathcart, 19, of 124 Winter St. is charged with one count of first-degree assault, one felony count of criminal threatening, and two counts of felony-level reckless conduct for placing another in danger.

According to police affidavits obtained from the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division, police went to 10 Estates Circle (off Blueberry Lane) at 3:19 a.m. for a report of criminal mischief.

Once there, someone asked them if they were there for the gunshots. Police saw a circular hole in the glass of the foyer of the apartment building that was consistent with a bullet hole.

Police found a man in the apartment — the victim — who had facial injuries and who told them Cathcart and his mother had come to his apartment building. He said he went down when they rang the buzzer and that he knew them.

The victim told police that Cathcart came into the lobby and said, "You want to hit my sister?" while he pressed a gun he had just cocked up against his face. He said Cathcart swung the gun and hit him in the face. The gun discharged when Cathart allegedly hit the victim and the bullet went out the foyer door.

He said Cathcart threatened him and then left with his mother and sister, who was also in the lobby at this time.

The victim said he found the spent round on the floor and brought it to his apartment and his girlfriend put it in a drawer. Police said they recovered the bullet.

Police said they went to Cathcart's mother's house and learned he was living on Winter Street. While at his mother's house, she told them she had gotten a phone call from her daughter who said she was at the victim's apartment and he had assaulted her. She said her daughter asked her to come get her because she had been drinking and didn't want to drive.

Cathcart's mother said she went to pick up her son (Cathcart) because she needed someone else to drive her daughter's car.

Affidavits said the mother told police that when she arrived on Estates Circle, she saw her daughter standing in the foyer of the apartment building. She said she, Cathcart, and her daughter wanted to confront the victim about the alleged assault and stood in the foyer when the victim came down from his apartment.

Cathcart's mother told police she saw her son reach out and grab the victim's by the neck but never knew he had a gun until she heard it fire. She also told police the bullet went into the area where she and her daughter were standing.

Police said her daughter's statement was that she didn't remember much of what happened in the foyer but told police her "brother has a temper" and the three left when they heard the gunshot. She remembered being in the foyer near where the gun discharged.

During the interview with Cathcart's mother, police learned where the gun might be and that at one point it may have been with Cathcart's father. A gun was recovered but where, from whom, and if it is the gun that was fired is not known by The Daily Sun at this time.

Police went to Cathcart's Winter Street address and arrested him without further incident. Affidavits said he invoked his right to be silent and didn't speak to the police.

In court yesterday afternoon, the city prosecutor asked for $50,000 cash-only bail. Cathcart's public defender requested $1,000 and said Cathcart would abide by any bail restrictions. She also said he has asthma and required medication that often includes a nebulizer. She said she feared her client wouldn't get the medical treatment he needs in jail.

Judge Jim Carroll said he was "chilled" by the thought of someone putting a loaded gun up to another's head and ordered Cathcart held on $25,000 cash-only bail.

Should he post bail, Cathcart is ordered to live with his mother in Gilford, not drink any alcohol or take non- prescribed medication, and to obey a curfew. He is not to possess any firearms.