Boothby outspending Kenney by 4 to 1

CONCORD — With just five days until the Republican primary for the Executive Council seat in District 1 Christopher Boothby has outspent Joe Kenney of Wakefield, his closest rival for the nomination by a margin of four to one.

According to financial reports filed with the New Hampshire Secretary of State this week, between January 2 and January 15, Boothby collected $10,010, bringing his total receipts to $53,805, while spending $31,579 to raise his total expenditures to $39,959 and leave him with a balance of $13,846. .

During the same period Kenney raised $20,850, $20,000 of which came from his own pocket. Initially Kenney lent his campaign $10,000, received $8,200 in in-kind contributions and raised $1,860 in cash. With the second loan and $850 in cash donations, he has collected $40,910, including in-kind contributions and spent $10,071. His balance of $30,839 more than matches his loans to the campaign.

Mark Aldrich of Lebanon, the third Republican in the race raised $550 and spent $560, which with his prior expenditures of $85 left him with a deficit of $95.

The primary election will be held on Tuesday, January 21. The winner of the Republican primary will face Democrat Michael Cryans of Lebanon, a Grafton County Commissioner, in the general election on March 11.