Fire alarm empties LHS Tuesday night, rumors fly

LACONIA — School Business Administrator Ed Emond said yesterday that a glitch in the fire alarm system at the Laconia High School caused the alarms to sound Tuesday night at 8:15 p.m.

He said there were adult education classes and other functions at the building at the time, causing it to be evacuated. The Laconia Fire Department responded and checked out the building.

Emond said the ensuing electronic communications from people who were evacuated from the building led to a rash of e-mails and text messages leading many in town to think there had been a fire.

"I've been fielding phone calls all morning," Emond said yesterday, adding that many of the calls were from parents of students who wanted to know what was happening.

Emond said the fire alarm company was at the high school yesterday morning to determine what caused the alarm to sound.