Local man sentenced to 41/2 to 11 years in prison for theft

LACONIA — A local man believed to be responsible for a string of break-ins last year, has been sentenced to serve 4½ to 11 years in State Prison after pleading guilty to one count of theft by unlawful taking and for a probation violation that stemmed from a 2011 burglary conviction.

Aaron Marchione, 22, formerly of Parsonage Drive, was sentenced in the Merrimack County Superior Court by Judge Larry Smukler. The case was prosecuted by Deputy Belknap County Carley Ahern, but was tried in Merrimack County because of conflict with the presiding judge in Belknap County.

"We are very happy with the sentence," said Lt. Alfred Lessard. "On the negative side, you hate to see so young of a man going to jail for so many years.

"He committed several burglaries and created hardships for a number of families," Lessard said, adding that police had reason to think Marchione was responsible for as many an eight burglaries in early 2013.

According to Ahern, Marchione pleaded responsible last Friday for violating probation stemming from a prior burglary conviction for drug use, the burglary charge, and for failing to complete a program at the Phoenix House Substance Abuse Program. For the violation he was sentenced to serve 1½ years to five years in prison.

For pleading guilty to theft by unauthorized taking — Marchione had jewelry in his possession from a second-hand store on Pleasant Street — he was sentenced to 3 to 6 years in prison.

Ahern explained that the two sentences area consecutive to each other, meaning he has to serve a minimum of 4½ years. He was credited with 277 days of pre-trial confinement.

As part of the plea, Marchione also pleaded guilty to a second count of theft by unauthorized taking. A 7- to 14-year sentence was suspended for 10 years on condition of good behavior.

He also pleaded guilty to one count of burglary — from November 2012 — and was sentenced to 3-to-6 years to be served concurrently (or at the same time) as the first sentence for theft by unauthorized taking.

Marchione served a year in prison after pleading guilty to burglary in January 2011 for his role in a string of burglaries that occurred over the summer in 2010. He was sentenced to serve 1½ to 4 years in prison and was released in December 2011.

According to records obtained from the Merrimack County Superior Court, at the time of his most recent arrest in late 2012, he had committed at least three probation or parole violations. He was indicted in March 2013.

Marchione's most recent arrest came in late November 2012 when a Windemere Heights family came home and found their house had just been burglarized. They called police who were able to determine Marchione had initially tired to flee by breaking a window in the bathroom.

Police, using foot patrol and a State Police K-9 team, tracked his scent and some blood droplets to 53 Parsonage Drive. Police got a search warrant and found some jewelry and a small box that belonged to the victim.

Marchione also stole two guns from the Windemere Heights house and drew a map for police so they could find the spot in the woods where he had hidden them. Police recovered the guns off Parade Road.