Laconia trial date set for Free State heroine

LACONIA — A trial date for self-proclaimed anarchist Amanda "BillyRock" Johnson has been set for February 4 in the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division.

Johnson, 27, of 105 Windsong Ave. in Manchester is facing one count of resisting arrest, one count of disobeying an officer, and one count of having an open container of alcohol in her car. She was arrested after a traffic stop here just after midnight on December 14.

She was initially charged with the above three misdemeanors as well as possession of controlled drugs and driving while intoxicated. When contacted yesterday, Laconia City Prosecutor Jim Sawyer said he "didn't file those charges."

Because it is an ongoing case, Sawyer declined further comment.

She was released on personal recognizance bail the around noon on December 14 after initially refusing the services of a bail commissioner shortly after her arrest.

Johnson, who also identifies herself as Amanda BillyRock, is referred to in Internet circles as an "epic figure" in the libertarian world. She said she came to New Hampshire from her home state of Utah to join the Free State movement after attending an event in Keene.

She had posted a video taken by a woman in the car with on Dec.14 on her Website that showed a Laconia Police officer approaching the side of her car. He asked her if she had been drinking and she refused to respond. When asked to got out of the car she declined to do so.

The video of her interaction with the Laconia Police has been removed from her Webpage.

Johnson has also made daily updates to her Facebook page with pleas to her supporters to send money/and or Bitcoin (an Internet currency) for her defense and to call Sawyer's office with requests that he drop the charges against her.

She has hired Concord attorney Seth Hipple. In an unrelated press release, a spokeswoman from the Content Factory announced that Hipple's law firm is the first in the state to accept Bitcoin as payment for legal services.

At least two videos created by Johnson have been posted to her site that refer to her arrest and subsequent night in the Belknap County House of Corrections.

During the time of her incarceration, Laconia Police and Corrections Officers at the Belknap County House of Corrections received numerous calls from her supporters who repeatedly asked what the charges were and why she had been "kidnapped".