Boothby way ahead in race to raise campaign funds

CONCORD — Republican Christopher Boothby of Meredith has raised more than twice as much money than any of the other three candidates vying to succeed the late Ray Burton as the executive councilor in District 1.

According to financial reports filed with the New Hampshire Secretary of State this week, Boothby raised $43,795 while Joe Kenney of Wakefield and Mark Aldrich of Lebanon, his opponents in the Republican primary, raised $20,060 and $84.99 respectively. Michael Cryans of Hanover, the lone Democrat in the race raised $18,110.

"I am extremely gratified to have this wide base of support," Boothby said yesterday, adding that "although fundraising is only one measure of support, I am very encouraged that 'so many people are "willing to invest their hard-earned money in my candidacy."

Boothby, a former Belknap County Commissioner, who with his wife Maren owns and operates Boothby Therapy Services in Laconia, contributed $20,000 to his own campaign and raised the balance from 67 donors, 23 of whom contributed $500 or more. To date Boothby has spent $8,378 and has $35,417 in hand.

Kenney, a colonel in the United States Marine Corps who served 14 years in the New Hampshire Legislature and was the Republican candidate for governor in 2008, contributed $10,000 to his campaign and received another $8,200 worth of in-kind contributions, including $5,000 from his campaign manager Casey Crane. The remaining $1,860 of his funds was drawn from 18 individual contributors. Kenney has spent $3,723 and has $16,337 in hand.

Aldrich spent the $84.99, which came from his own pocket, for postcards.

Cryans raised all his funds from some 175 individual donors. Without a primary, Cryans has spent only $196 and has $17,914 in hand.

The primary election will be held on January 21 and the top Republican voter getter will face Cryans in the general election on March 11, town meeting day.