Bay Street woman accepts prison term for intent to sell heroin

LACONIA — A former Bay Street woman was sentenced to serve one to two years in the N.H. State Prison for Women yesterday after pleading guilty to one count of possession of heroin with intent to distribute it.

Carrie Conway, 34, was arrested by Laconia Police after they obtained a search warrant for her home and found about 4 grams of heroin — most of it in individual baggies.

The warrant for the search of her house stemmed from a police arrest of Conway's  teenaged son earlier in the day, when he was found to have heroin package for resale and $624 in cash on him.

Conway had been being held on cash bail told Belknap County Superior Court Judge James O'Neill that she had been clean and sober since her arrest and has participated in AA and parenting classed while awaiting trial.

"I know I messed up," she said. "I want to move on with my life and get over this and be there for my kids."

"Were you thinking of them when you had the drugs?" asked O'Neill while he was considering whether or not he would accept her guilty plea in exchange for the 1-to-2 year sentence.

She said that both of her children were in court yesterday and that she wasn't thinking of them at the time.

Her attorney offered that her addiction likely drove her to sell the drugs and since being incarcerate she has "new insight" into her life.

Conway has a criminal record that dates back to 1998. There has been one felony conviction for forgery and a number of convictions for simple assault, resisting arrest, and receiving stolen property.

O'Neill said he had some reservations about accepting her plea and reminded her that the maximum sentence was 3 1/2 to 10 years in prison. He told her was she was getting a new chance and that she should think about how her children must feel about seeing her get sent to prison.

Conway was credited with 163 days of time served and ordered to pay a $350 file plus $84 in administrative costs. Credited with $292 seized during the arrest, she said she could pay the balance yesterday. One year of her sentence is suspended pending her good behavior. She has agreed to three years of probation and to be on parole during the suspended portion of her sentence.