Overheated electrical outlet that was powering space heater said cause of Gilford marina fire

GILFORD — An overheated electrical outlet that was powering a space heater was likely the source of a fire that damaged a local marina Christmas Eve.

Deputy Chief Brad Ober said yesterday that the space heated was plugged into a power strip that was connected to the electrical outlet with an extension cord. He also said three other things were plugged into the power strip but the only thing that was on at the time was the space heater.

Ober said no one had been in the building since Monday and that the space heater appeared to be the only source of heat in the room.

The fire that started in the second floor canvas room was noticed by a passerby around 4 p.m. who notified the Gilford Fire Department.

Firefighters were able to extinguish it using water they brought with them.

Ober said the owners were very fortunate that the passerby noticed the smoke when he or she did. He said the canvas in the room as well as the wall had started to burn and the whole room "was getting ready to go."

He said there was about $100,000 in damage done to the building and most of it was contained to the canvas room.