Laconia man held on $5k cash bail after being charged with 2 assaults

LACONIA — A local man is being held on $5,000 cash bail after allegedly pushing his wife and then trying to enter his neighbor's apartment.

Richard Sweeney, 30, of Jewett St. is charged with two counts of simple assault and one count of criminal trespass.

According to police affidavits, Sweeney allegedly push his wife by putting his open hand on her face in the course of an argument they were having on December 28 at 8:46 p.m.

When he left his wife's apartment he allegedly went downstairs. One of the occupants of the downstairs apartment said she heard the argument and had opened her door to see what was happening.

The neighbor told police Sweeney tried to approach her door and she tried to close if before he got there but she was too late. She said Sweeney allegedly pushed the door open which struck her in her right knee.

She told police that Sweeney kept trying to push open her door and finally yelled to her brother who came and helped her. The neighbor's brother escorted Sweeney to the exterior door.

Affidavits said police spoke to Sweeney and he said he pushed his wife because she was trying to hit him. He didn't mention anything about allegedly trying to get into his neighbor's apartment.

The city prosecutor asked for cash bail because Sweeney's previous criminal activity included failing to appear in court four times, criminal mischief in 2013, simple assault in 2013, and breach of bail in 2013.

The state said Sweeney also has a criminal order of protection in which his wife is a protected party.