Brooklyn woman arrested in Belmont accepts 1 year in jail for heroin possession

LACONIA — A former Brooklyn woman who was arrested outside a Belmont apartment building and charged with possession of heroin with intent to distribute has been sentenced to 12 months in the Belknap County House of Corrections.

In a negotiated plea, Heather Cleveland, 26, agreed to serve a year, with one month suspended. A charge of falsifying physical evidence was dropped.

Belknap County Superior Judge James O'Neill III had previously rejected a plea in which she agreed to serve 12 months with five months suspended as too lenient. He accepted the latest arrangement.

The plea bargin allows for Cleveland to be eligible for work release, to complete a treatment and counseling program, and is contingent on her good behavior. She was also ordered to tour the N.H. State Prison for Women.

Belmont Police stopped a car in which Cleveland was a passenger after they saw it leave a Main Street apartment building without turning on its headlights.

Police affidavits filed with the court said one officer spoke to the driver while a second officer stood behind the car where Cleveland couldn't see him. He saw her take a small bottle from the back seat and put it into the glove box.

When the owner of the car gave police permission to search it, they found the bottle that contained heroin.

Cleveland was credited with 106 days of time served.