Gilmanton man admits to reckless conduct on night he was firing cap & ball revolver

GILMANTON — A local man who police said pointed a loaded gun at a police officer has pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count of reckless conduct in the 4th Circuit Count, Laconia Division Thursday.

Daniel Walker, 57, of Chestnut Avenue was facing two felony charges that he reckless placed a Gilmanton Police officer in immediate danger on November 24 and that he purposely placed the same officer in imminent danger.

Walker told The Daily Sun that he had been lighting off caps from a gun that he made from a hobby kit. He said it probably "sounded like a cannon."

He described it as an 1858 cap-and-ball Civil War era revolver.

Police were called to Walker's home on a Sunday at 1:28 a.m. after a neighbor called to report gunshots. While approaching Walker, a responding officer said in his sworn affidavit that he saw him take an aggressive stance and and bring his hands to his face like he was pointing a gun.

Walker, who said he is a former corrections officer, said he had no idea who was coming to his house because it was dark and the police SUV cruiser was very low profile.

Walker said Friday that he was not pointing a gun but was putting his hands up to his eyes to see who was approaching his house at 2 a.m. He said that the gun was never pointed at the officer and he thought that "he could brandish it" at whoever was coming up to his deck if he needed to.

On Friday, he said when he realized the approaching person was a police officer he put the gun in the house and "assumed the position."

"I came running out of my house with my hands up," he said.

When asked if the officer announced he was a police officer, Walker said he didn't hear it. He said the wind was loud.

After Walker was arrested he said he warned police that the gun was real and had one live round in it. Police agreed he was cooperative and apologetic.

When Walker was asked why he reached out to the media, he replied that he wants "people to know he's not the wild cowboy they think he is."