House built by local contractors nets $90k for Children's Auction

LACONIA — A home built by local contractors to benefit the annual WLNH Children's Auction raised $90,129.11 for the charity.
A loud cheer erupted in the auction studio and sustained applause rippled around the room when the total was announced Friday night by Bob Glassett, treasurer of the Lakes Region Builders and Remodelers Association (LRBRA), whose members built the home in what was the most audacious project ever undertaken by the group.
Glassett said the idea for the project came two years ago when he and Mike Hayward were talking right after the auction at which the LRBRA had provided custom built TV production set for the auction about what the builders could do next.
''He said maybe we ought to build them a house'' said Glassett, who said that he said ''when do we start?'' and from that point on he and others in the organization were determined to see it through.
Glassett, who served as on-site supervisor throughout the project, said that one of the biggest boosts came from Hayward, who volunteered to serve as general contractor, as well as from Hayward's wife, Julie, who was president of the LRBRA during the time the group undertook the project.
Julie Hayward said that more than 100 firms contributed to the effort and over 200 people worked on the house at one time or another.
''Some of their clients had to wait while they pitched in here but the goal of helping out the community was so important that they were very understanding,'' said Hayward.
The organization's new president, Ray Boelig of Hampshire Hardwood, said that one of the most impressive parts of the project was the way that craftsmen who compete with each other for jobs came together to work side-by-side to building the 3,000-square-foot, three-bedroom home on Turner Way in the Windermere Ridge development off from Parade Road.
The craftsman, bungalow style home, which priced at $399,000, was sold after only 10 days on the real estate market, right after it was opened to the public on Columbus Day weekend.
The owners of the home, Ed and Kathy Detolla, were present at the check presentation along with their children, Tommy, 13, Joseph, 11, and Katelyn,8. He is a dentist with a practice in Meredith.
Crews from Hayward and Company Log and Timber Homes completely framed and roofed the home in less than a week in mid-July, enabling a jump start on other parts of the project .
Patti Phelps of All in the Details, LLC - Interior Design, said of the finished home that she and other interior designers were receiving a lot of praise from those who toured the home in October for how wonderful it looked but that it was all the work done by others which helped set the stage.
''We had the fun part, decorating the home, that was highly visible. But all those who volunteered for work on other parts of the project, from the foundation, to drywall and electrical made that possible.'' said Phelps.
Others who helped her included The Home Beautiful, Decorative Interiors and Sandra Curtis Designs, while the Harris Family Furniture store completely furnished the home, all of the interior decorations, furnishings, artwork, window treatments and supplemental floor coverings creating a move-in-ready residence.
AM HVAC, PENCO Plumbing & Heating, Gilford Well, and Baron's Major Brands Appliances all made donations of products and services.
Others who contributed included Morin Electric, which wired the home; Pella Windows and Doors; F.W. Webb; Middleton Lumber; New Hampshire Hardwoods; and Gilford Well; along with several builders and craftsmen — Mask Construction, Twin Oaks Construction, Alan Mann Home Improvements, K.A. Clason Fine Woodworking and Custance Brothers Woodworking.
The association purchased the two-acre lot in the Windermere Ridge subdivision at a discounted price and Franklin Savings Bank financed the purchase of the lot and construction of the house.