Heroin said to have fallen out of new inmates pocket at county jail

BELMONT — A Concord man with ties to the community was released on $5,000 personal recognizance bail yesterday after being charged with possession of heroin.

Affidavits obtained from the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division said Jon Daigle, 26, of Garvin Falls Road in Concord was in custody at the Belknap County House of Corrections Wednesday evening when he "somehow took out a small baggy of brown chunk matter that Officer (Evan) Boulanger recognized to be heroin and put it on the floor."

Daigle allegedly started sliding the baggie with his foot when the corrections officer stopped him and took custody of the drugs. The brown matter field tested positive for heroin.

The corrections officer told Daigle that it couldn't have been on the floor unnoticed before his arrival. Daigle told Boulanger he had "no idea what it was and maybe it fell out of his jacket or something."

Daigle apparently landed in jail after making contact with two Belmont Police officers earlier in the day.

Affidavits said he was spotted having a conversation behind the Circle K on the corner of Route 106 and Gilmanton Road with an older male in a truck and then walking away from his. Police said it appeared the older male was trying to stop him from leaving.

Daigle started walking south on Route 106 and one officer made contact with him while a different officer spoke with the man in the truck, learning he was Daigle's father.

Boulanger said when he stopped Daigle he was told by him that he and his father had just had an argument and he said he was walking home toward Concord to blow off some steam.

He gave Boulanger his driver's license and from that Boulanger learned there was an active electronic bench warrant from 6th Circuit Court, Concord Division. Boulanger patted down Daigle for weapons and took his cell phone before he was placed in the cruiser.

It was when Daigle was being booked and shed some of his multiple layers of clothing that the heroin allegedly fell from his pocket.