Gilford cop pushes burning car away from gas pump

GILFORD — A quick-thinking police officer was able push a burning car away from a fuel pump at the Gilford Mobil Mart Monday morning.

Police and fire fighters were called to the store at 8:07 a.m. for a reported car fire. The first person to arrive was Officer Kevin Baron, who saw a car at the gas pumps smoking with flames coming from the underside.

He used the push bar on his cruiser to push the smoking car into a nearby parking lot. He and Officer Curtis Mailloux engaged the fire extinguishers from their cruisers but were unable to put out the fire.

Deputy Fire Chief Brad Ober said fire crews had to pry open the hood of the car to extinguish the blaze. He said police were able to push the car from under the gas station canopy and that action prevented the fire suppression system from deploying.

Ober said heat triggers the suppression system and the fire hadn't gotten that hot yet. He also said it's quite messy when one of those systems deploys.

The car was a total loss but no one was injured.