Chandler Endorses Boothby

MEREDITH — State Rep. Gene Chandler of Bartlett, who is serving his 13th term in the New Hampshire House of Representatives and his 17th year as chairman of the Board of Selectmen in Bartlett, has endorsed Republican Christopher Boothby's bid for the Executive Council in District 1.

"Christopher will be an excellent executive councilor," Bartlett said in a prepared statement, "not just for the North Country or the District, but for the entire state." He said that Boothby is not only familiar with many issues but also is "very open to learning about people's concerns."

A former majority leader, Speaker of the House and longtime chairman of its Public Works and Highway Committee, Chandler said, "The people in my district expect top-notch constituent service" and "Christopher is the person to deliver that service."

Boothby said that Bartlett's endorsement meant a great deal. He said that like the late Ray Burton, who represented District 1 for more than 35 years, Gene Chandler is a champion of the North Country. "It is a high bar to set," he said, "but one I intend to meet."