Gilford has spent $14.6K in legal fees in cases regarding suspended police officers

GILFORD — In the two months since Police Chief Kevin Keenan and Patrol Officer Holly Harris have been on paid administrative leave, the town has spent $14,683 on legal fees associated with their leave.

Additionally, the town has paid Keenan $14,373 in salary since his leave began on August 29. Harris, who has been on leave since around Sept. 15, earns $24.33 per hour and has earned approximately $6,810 during her leave.

To date, other than confirming the amount of money spent on lawyers and salary, town officials have remained silent about the reasons behind the administrative leaves and or how long they expect it to continue.

The Daily Sun has learned that an independent assessment of the police department has been performed however it is not known what costs, if any, are associated with it.