Merchant spots break-in; Tilton police make arrest

TILTON — Police have charged a Manchester woman with burglary after she was allegedly spotted by a pawnshop employee breaking into the house across the street.

Police said the employee noticed the woman around 9:30 a.m. trying all of the windows to see if one was open.

The Fast Cash employee said he knew the woman trying to get into the house was not the woman who lived there and called the police, giving them the a description of the car — with the plate number — and the direction it was headed.

A Tilton police officer responding to the call spotted the silver Nissan near Valvoline and tried to stop it. He said the driver went behind Valvoline before she stopped and allegedly gave him a a false name.

She was identified by police as Jessie Connelly, 25, of Rochelle St. in Manchester. They said the car she was driving was not hers.

Police recovered cash, some jewelry and a priceless coin with the victim's name on it. She is also charged with disobeying an officer and driving after her license was suspended.

Connelly was held on cash bail over the weekend and was schedule to appear in the 6th Circuit Court, Franklin Division yesterday afternoon.