Laconia deer hunter rescued from North Country woods

LANCASTER — A Laconia man was able to sleep in a warm bed Saturday night after his hunting companion reported he hadn't returned by dark and a search party located him lost in the woods of this North Country town.

New Hampshire Fish and Game Officers said Norman Colburn, 68, had told his friend that he would be hunting for deer near the beaver ponds near Sugar Camp Road. When he hadn't return by 6 p.m. and the weather started getting bad, Colburn's buddy called the Fish and Game Officers.

Conservation Officer Chris Egan said its was hovering around 34 degrees, snowing, windy, and getting dark. He said he feared that if Colburn was lost, he would develop hypothermia.

Egan said conservation officers used lights, sirens, and air horns beginning in the area Colburn was last seen. Pittsburg Police and a U.S. Border Patrol Agent assisted in the search.

At 10:30 p.m., Egan said Colburn responded when he heard them calling for them. They said he was about one mile from where he was last seen.

Egan said Colburn was cold and wet but other than a few scratches on his face he was unharmed. Colburn was carrying a small pack, a light, a radio and a Global Positioning Sensor but the radio was not working properly.

He told the officers he was preparing to "settle in for the night" when he heard them calling for him.

He told conservation officers he had begun to shiver, which is one of the first signs of hypothermia. He was assisted to an All-Terrain Vehicle and transported to Back Lake Road where he declined medical treatment.