Gilmanton Fire officer charged with theft of town gasoline

GILMANTON — A lieutenant with the town Fire Department has been charged with theft for allegedly using the town gas pump to fill the tank of a personal vehicle..

Paperwork obtained from the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division said the Bryon McSharry of Halls Hill Road in Gilmanton Iron Works is scheduled to be arraigned for the Class B misdemeanor on November 21.

According to police affidavits, the theft was reported to police by a different firefighter who watched McSharry enter the Iron Works Station at 4:30 a.m. on October 22 and go to the forestry truck and then leave the building.

The firefighter checked the forestry truck and noticed the key to the fuel pump was missing. He told police he went outside and witnessed McSharry standing next to his personal vehicle which was parked at the municipal pump, "standing as if he were pumping gas."

The unnamed firefighter went back in to the Iron Works station and allegedly saw McSharry return to the forestry truck, open the cab door and then close it, after which he went into the office.

Affidavits said McSharry went upstairs to the living quarters of some student firefighters and asked the unnamed firefighter why he was there, to which the firefighters responded with the same question.

The firefighter reported to police that McSharry told him he was replacing a clogged floor drain and the battery in his portable radio.

The firefighter said he returned to the forestry unit and noticed the key had been returned. He also said told police he never saw McSharry replace any storm drain.

McSharry was arrested on October 27 by Gilmanton Police Officer Maxwell Hodgdon and released on personal recognizance bail. The case is being prosecuted by the Belmont Police prosecutor, who does all of Gilmanton's adult police prosecuting at the circuit court level.

Town Administrator Arthur Capello said yesterday that McSharry was a call firefighter and is no longer employed by Gilmanton. Beyond that he said he couldn't comment.