Belmont dealer says they didn't offer a penny for truck

BELMONT — The Seavey Road car dealership had nothing to do with the alleged attempt by Gilmanton resident Tony A. Hartford's to sell his father's truck. According to the owners of Kelso's Auto Sales, when Hartford first came to their dealership on October 25, the salesman on duty knew something was not right about Hartford and his offer to sell a 2008 GMC pickup and sent him on his way.

Relying on police affidavits filed with circuit court, The Daily Sun reported on Tuesday that the dealership paid Hartford $4,000 for the truck, which was registered in his father's identical name.

Kelso's owner John Caravona, however, said Wednesday that was not the case.  He said that a third man on the car lot that day apparently overheard the conversation between Hartford and the salesman and offered to buy the truck directly from Hartford. 

Caravona said he was not aware that any money exchanged hands but if it did, his dealership didn't participate in the transaction or have any knowledge of it.

Hartford has been charged with auto theft in Gilmanton and receiving stolen property in Belmont. He entered non-guilty pleas in the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division on Monday.