To date, Gilford has paid over $20k to suspended police chief & officer

GILFORD – It's been nine weeks since Police Chief Kevin Keenan went on a paid administrative leave and as of yesterday, town official continue to stay mum about the issue.

The Selectboard placed Keenan on leave on August 28. Town Administrator Scott Dunn said Keenan is paid a weekly amount of $1,597.17.

In addition to Keenan being on paid administrative leave, Patrol Officer Holly Harris has also been on leave since the middle of September. Dunn said she is paid $24.33 per hour and the approximate amount Harris has been paid, thus far, during her absence has been $6,812.

The current police department roster, said Dunn, has 17 full-time sworn police officers and three part-time officers. In the course of their budget preparation, selectmen have approved an 18th officer although the Budget Committee has not acted yet on the request.

During Keenan's leave, Lt. James Leach has been acting chief and according to Dunn, is being paid a 5 percent differential while acting above his rank. Acting Deputy Chief Kris Kelley (also a lieutenant) is also being paid a 5-percent differential. Dunn said the 5 percent pay differential is part of the town's policy for when an employee is working a job about his or her typical pay grade.

One of the part-time officers is acting as the School Resource Officer, which is Harris's position during the school year.

Dunn also said that as of September 30, the Police Department has spent $92,281.52 in overtime. He said the budgeted amount for 2013 is $97,970.