Man charged with trying to sell his dad's truck

GILMANTON — A Loon Pond Road man is being held on $3,000 cash only bail after allegedly stealing his father's car and trying to sell it.

Paperwork obtained from the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division, said Gilmanton Police charged Tony A. Hartford with one count of theft of a motor vehicle.

Sgt. Matt Currier said Hartford's father called police at 4 p.m. on October 25 and said he just learned his son had taken his 2008 GMC pickup and had tired to sell it to a used car dealer on Seavey Road in Belmont.

Hartford's father (who is also named Anthony) said he didn't have his permission to sell the truck and learned from one of his friends that young Hartford was heading to a used auto dealer in Laconia to "see if they'd give him more money."

Currier said he called the manager at the Laconia dealership and got of description of young Hartford. He also learned from the manager in Laconia that young Hartford was returning to Seavey Road in Belmont so Chief Joe Collins called the Belmont Police who also went to Seavey Road.

When Belmont Police arrived they saw a 2008 GMC pickup parked in the back parking lot with the same plate number Hartford senior reported. Currier reported that when he arrived, young Hartford was removing the plates from the truck.

Belmont Police also learned that Currier had already arrested young Hartford because he had an outstanding warrant from the Tilton Police.

At some point, Hartford's father showed up at the Seavey Road dealer and he identified the GMC as his. He told all of the officers from both community's that his son did not have his permission to drive or sell his GMC.

Affidavits also said that when Anthony Sr. asked his son if he was trying to sell the truck, young Hartford admitted it.

After speaking with the people who own the business on Seavey Road, police learned they gave young Hartford $4,000 saying he had the title to the truck and the name "Anthony Hartford" was on it. Belmont Police charged Hartford with receiving stolen property.

As to the charges from Tilton, Detective Cpl. Matt Dawson said yesterday young Hartford had been implicated in the theft of 12 computers from Walmart.

Dawson said young Hartford has a court date next month in the 6th Circuit Court, Laconia Division.