Can this test drive be over now?

BELMONT — Police said a young Sunshine Drive woman will likely be cited for driving with an expired driver's license after she took an extended test drive with a local merchant's car.

Lt. Rich Mann said the owner of Cupples Automotive told police that a young woman had taken a 2010 Honda Civic for a test drive at 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday but hadn't returned it by 6 p.m., closing time.

A Belmont Police Officer went to the address given to the owner and saw the car parked in her driveway. She told the officer the owners hadn't told her to have the car back at any specific time.

The officer also said the woman's driver's license had recently expired.

When the officer asked her why she didn't return the car, she said that when she went to start it to return it to Cupples the car wouldn't start.

The officer reported he took the keys and the car started immediately. When he asked her shy she didn't call the company to report any car problem, she didn't really have an answer.

Mann said the owner went to Sunshine Drive and retrieved his car.