Reward offered; Tilton man determined to find home burglar(s)

TILTON — A local business man whose home was burglarized while he and his family were vacationing over labor Day weekend has offered a $1,500 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the intruder(s).

Charles "Chuck" Drew the owner of Camaro Heaven said he wants to feel as though he did everything he could to stop the person who burglarized his home.

"You just don't live you life the same way," Drew said yesterday.

According to Detective Cpl. Matt Dawson, the Drew's reported the burglary when the returned to their Tilton home.

He said a change jar holding thousands of dollars was removed from the home. More significantly, he said whoever stole the jar ransacked the home and went through his family's personal space.

"I'd like to catch the guy that went through by wife's and child's bureaus," Drew said.

He said he has posted information on his Facebook page about the burglary but has changed the way he and his wife use the popular Internet social network sight.

Dawson said Tilton Police are pursuing a number of leads and ask anyone with any information about the Drew burglary to call the the Tilton Police at 286-4442.