Applications for WLNH Children's Auction funding due October 31

LACONIA — The WLNH Children's Auction is accepting applications for funding from organizations in the Lakes Region until October 31.

Molly King said yesterday that the growth of the auction has brought with it greater responsibility to distribute the proceeds to maximize the benefit to the community. As a result, the application process has changed. Applicants fall into four categories, each with a distinct mission. King urged organizations to choose the category that best describes their mission and submit the appropriate application.
The application process, together with a description of the four categories is posted on the website,

The first category consist of those organizations that serve the basic needs of children, including but not limited to food, clothing, shelter, hygiene and holiday gifts. Organizations that seek to mitigate or eliminate the need to provide the basic necessities and services for children fall into he second category. The third category includes organizations that invest in capital projects that improve the lives or children or strengthen the agencies that serve them while agencies offering recreational opportunities to children who might not otherwise afford them compose the fourth category.The information required of organizations in each of the four categories is specified on the website. falling into each of the four categories.

In 2012, the Children's Auction distributed $345,000 of the $416,500 raised among 33 charitable and non-profit organizations in the Lakes Region.

Organizations in the first category received $142,000, or 41 percent of the total; those in the second category $155,000, or 46 percent; those in the third category $16,580, or 5 percent; and those in the fourth category $27,000, or 8 percent. The directors held $1,000 in the account for the Doris Makely Memorial Sharing Smiles Scholarship. Likewise, a share of the proceeds have been kept in reserve in the event of an emergency in the community, while other funds have been earmarked to fund an independent audit of the auction.

The Children's Auction is run by an independent board of directors.