Eric Grant trial for alleged rape scheduled to begin Nov. 12

LACONIA — The trial for the founder and namesake of the popular Eric Grant Band for aggravated felonious sexual assault is scheduled to begin on November 12 in the Belknap County Superior Court.

Grant is charged with digitally penetrating a female child on December 31, 2006. At the time of the alleged crime, the child was under 13.

Grant, a Sanbornton resident, has maintained his innocence and said he would fight the charges.

Earlier this month, Judge James O'Neill ruled that the alleged victim's step-father — a California resident — must be in court if Grant's defense team wishes to call him as a witness.

The man, who Grant's attorney Emily McLaughlin said was sober and present the evening of the alleged assault, said he saw Grant give the girl a "wedgie" that night but didn't see him sexually assault her.

McLaughlin said this statement is consistent with what Grant recalled.

According to paperwork filed in court, the victim, who now lives in California, allegedly told a counselor about the alleged attack. The counselor reported what the victim told her to a police investigator.

Both the state and the defense have agreed to allow the investigator's testimony to be submitted to the jury in the form of her video deposition, however the state has objected to allowing the video deposition of the alleged victim's therapist be entered by the defense without her being present.

A final pre-trail session is scheduled for this week.