Police identify San'ton man as thief who helped himself to $40 at chocolate store

TILTON — Police have arrested the man who allegedly robbed the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory on October 15.

Brady R. Gilbert, 22, whose last known address was 13 Cogswell Road in Sanbornton is charged with one count of theft — a Class A misdemeanor.

Police affidavits submitted to support an arrest warrant said the store clerk told police that Gilbert came into the store that is in the Tanger Outlet Mall and bought a $2 item.

When she rang up his purchase, she told police he allegedly placed one hand on the counter and reached in and took $40 from the cash register.

The store clerk told police he wasn't wearing a mask or gloves and affidavits said police were able to lift a palm print from the counter.

The next day, Detective Crp. Matt Dawson said was able to identify Gilbert as a suspect and included his photo in an array and showed it to the clerk. She was able to identify Gilbert.

Dawson got a warrant for his arrest on October 17 and found Gilbert in the parking lot of the McDonald's restaurant.

Gilbert appeared by video in the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division yesterday.

Dawson also said the Gilbert had previously failed to show up for a unrelated firearms charge in Belknap County Superior Court.

He said Gilbert was scheduled to appear in that court Monday morning because the state had filed a motion to revoke his bail on the other charge.

Dawson told Judge Carroll that Gilbert had refused bail the night before and he would be satisfied with $1,500 cash.

Carroll set bail at that amount.