Lights On After School today to celebrate program

LACONIA — This Thursday marks Laconia's 14th year of participating in the National Lights On After School Program.

Nationwide, about 28-million children have parents who work outside the home and, were it not for the after school programming, would have no where to go where there is adult supervison. After school programs provide students with a safe and secure place through programs that being when the typical school day ends.

Project-Extra in Laconia joins the national celebration of students, parents, business leaders and adult volunteers who support after school programs for local children.

Each elementary school, said Project Extra Administrative assistant Regine Theberge, will have its own theme at their schools while the Middle School will partner with the Boys and Girls Club.

"The goal is to light up the city," Theberge said, saying all of their community partners will be displaying balloons with glow sticks that will light up in the dark.

One Hundred Seventy Five students enrolled in the School District's elementary-level summer learning programs Director Christine Gingerella told the School Board last week. Of those, 124 children were in the lower grades while 51 were in the upper elementary grades. Overall there was an average daily attendance of 135 students, or 77 percent of those enrolled.

Gingerella said this past summer's programs for the younger children was called Naturally Curious Camp and was broken down into two sections — primary and intermediate.

Every year, said Gingerella, the school district hosts summer learning programs that are designed to supplant the regular school learning curriculum. She said this year the programs were designed to link real-world experiences — both indoor and outdoor — with language, math and science. And make it fun.