'Dysfunction Junction' accidents way down with rotary

LACONIA — Police said yesterday that the number of accidents at "Dysfunction Junction" at Weirs Beach have decreased by 40 percent in the year since the former intersection was reconfigured into a roundabout

Lt. Rich Simmons said that the 11 month-period since the new roundabout was opened in late 2012 there have been 12 reported accidents. During the 11 months prior to the roundabout, there were 20 accident.

The intersection of the Weirs Boulevard/Route 11-B and Route 3 earned its nickname because for years it confused visitors and locals alike which in turn led to a number of road-snarling traffic accidents.

The entire project cost about $1.4-million said city Finance Director Donna Woodaman. She said 90 percent of that was paid by the N.H. Department of Transportation while the city paid 10-percent or $140,000.

The project took the better part of a year to complete.

At the time, representatives from the DOT said the roundabout or rotary was the safest way they knew to keep the intersection as safe as possible by limiting the speed of people entering it but still keep traffic flowing through the area.