Police Community Room should be open in a few weeks - 310

LACONIA — The Laconia Police Community room should be open again within the next two weeks, said Parks and Recreation/Facilities Director Kevin Dunleavy yesterday.

Dunleavy said Controlled Technologies, the company that the city uses for all its heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) needs, installed a re-heat coil valve in the system on Monday.

"Now all we have to do is replace a few ceiling tiles and have our janitorial service clean the room," Dunleavy said.

The Community Room has been closed to police and the general public since July, when an air quality test indicated there were some significant humidity-related problems.

The station was built about 10 years ago and the northwest corner of the building is on a cement slab that is near the water table level. Like many other buildings in New England, the extreme high amounts of humidity this past summer, coupled with excessive amounts of rain, contributed to the poor air quality test results and, in some cases, mold problems.

Dunleavy said a few of the ceiling tiles in the room showed some dampness as did the carpet on the floor.

He said the city decided not to replace the carpet with a special type of flooring this year but chose to wait until next spring and summer to see if the problem recurs with the spring rains and summer humidity. He said the city was hoping the work Controlled Technologies did on the HVAC system can control the problem.

Typically, once air temperatures and relative humidity drop in autumn and winter, most dampness issues resolve themselves.

The Community Room is used by the Police Commissioners for their monthly meetings and the Citizen's Academy and other agencies in the city use it for meeting space. Fortunately, said Dunleavy, there have been other meeting spaces in the city that juggled their schedules to compensate for the Community Room.