Rash of burglaries in Belmont this month

BELMONT — Police are reporting an increase in the number of burglaries reported in town, confirming they are investigating six of them since September 13 and eight since September 1.

Logs show that with two exceptions, all of the break-ins have been in the Union Road/Laconia Road (Rte. 3) area of town.

The two exceptions involved copper thefts from an abandoned house on Concord Street and from a bath-beach house near one of the seasonal parks.

Lt. Richard Mann said at least two of burglaries, one reported on September 26 and one reported on September 27 but that likely occurred the day before, involved homes where the residents had been gone for the day.

Mann said a in a burglary on Union Road reported September 26, the house appeared to be ransacked and a jar of change, among other things, was taken.

He said a home owner on Dutile Road returned home the night of September 26 and thought there was a drawer that was left open. He said the homeowner went to sleep but when he couldn't find his laptop the next morning, he called police.

He said police have no reason to think the two are related but said they are increasing patrols in the area.

Other burglaries reported include two on Laconia Road, one of Scenic Drive and one on Lakewood Drive.

Mann said anyone who sees any suspicious activity should report it to the police. He also said that if anyone has any information about any of the above burglaries they should call 267-8351. He said callers may remain anonymous.

He also said people should lock their doors when they are not home and make sure their cars are locked when not in use.